Hello World !

Every software developer out there will have recognized the famous “Hello World”.
For those who are not part of this fantastic corporation, well, this is just a way to make a first try in a new domain you don’t master yet, like, for instance, me and all this blogging thing.

Ok, ok, no digression for a first post. This one marks the opening of my first blog, and website, so I’ll talk a bit about me and blogs.

Why did I wait so long before doing my website ? It’s been like ten years I’ve been in the IT business, the Internet, new technologies, etc, and I have never found the motivation to invest time and energy into this. There are several explanations, I guess.

Maybe I’ve just been lazy, or I didn’t feel like finding a decent web host. I was a student for six years, and it’s true that I was pretty busy with my studies. I really prefered improving my programming skills rather than talking about those, and I couldn’t really afford a dedicated server.
I must also admit that I suck at web design (see http://noirotm.free.fr for an early example of what kind of web design I can come up with). I’m really happy that there are now very intuitive solutions such as WordPress, or Drupal, that have thousands of themes, and can be almost be used as-is, as publishing platforms.

Another explanation is that maybe I didn’t have anything to say. Yeah, a lot of things have already been said on the Internet, and I didn’t think I could contribute with my limited knowledge about stuff. And I don’t like talking about myself either 😉

But fear not, after all those years, I now have my blog, and it will be as random as possible !


  1. Ciprian Caba
    08/02/2010 - 12:06


    Please tell me if you have made any work for the libamf project..

    I’ve found one of your posts in http://theflashblog.com/?p=414

    Please contact me on email.

    Thank you,

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